Moulin du Calanquet - Saint-Rémy de Provence
Producteur de nature depuis 5 générations

Pétales awarded at the SIAL Paris 2006

The last innovation of the Moulin du Calanquet awarded "Coup de Coeur" au the SIAL (International Fair of the Food Processing) Paris 2006, for quality and innovative feature of the product. Competiting with 90 countries, Pétales won the 1st prize for innovation while competing with over 500 entries.


The product is the response to an observable fact during a fair : the owners had no bread to provide tapenade taste.  They developed a new concept product to make best use of tapenade.


Pétales reveal several months of development, with a single objectif refinding caracteristics of the mill's products : flavours and pleasure. All-natural products, without colouring and preservative, produced with green and black tapenade without anchovies, obtained from traditional varieties of olives, crunch tapenade instead of spreading it.

 Pétales can be used as it for aperitifs, diped in sauce, put into salads or ate with cheese...


Le Moulin du Calanquet obtained HVE certification

Le Moulin du Calanquet has obtained HVE certification which is an environmental certification for farms particularly committed to the implementation of environmentally friendly approaches.

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