The Juices awarded at the SIAL 2008

The Moulin du Calanquet obtained a new award at the International Fair of the Food Industry in Paris, with the lastest innovation created by Anne and Gilles Brun, a range of fruity juices subtil mix of natural fruits, aromatical plants and a bit of olive oil. The Mill received the 7th worldwide price Tendancies and Innovations and got the Grand Prix de l'Innovation.


The different flavours available are :

- Grapefruit-Hibiscus

- Orange-Lavander

- Fig-Sage

- red Berries

- Apple-Verbena

- Pear-Chocolate Mint

- Pear-Vanilla Cinnamon


Those juices embellish your breakfasts, aperitifs, afternoon tea as well as desserts.


This innovation is the outcome of Anne and Gilles Brun shared passion. It is the result of collaborations with different chefs. Anne and Gilles often say : "We give an idea to a chef, everyone contributes her or his personal touch to create an exceptional product".

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