Moulin du Calanquet exhibition in Montendre March 13th and 14th

The Moulin du Calanquet exhibits at the 3rd Fair of the Wines of France in Haute Saintongue and regional specialities on March 13th and 14th.


Located between Aquitaine and Poitou Charentes, between different vineyards, near Atlantic, Montendre is a very dynamic city. Located in the vineyard of Cognac, the Office de Tourisme of Montendre organises this fair for promoting french vineyards.

The event will happen in the Salle Municipale of Montendre. There will be 30 exhibitors among which a fois gras producer.

Opening hours : 10am-8pm on Saturday and Sunday. Entrance price : 3€ each. Free entrance for kids under 15 years old.

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