Moulin du Calanquet - Saint-Rémy de Provence
Producteur de nature depuis 5 générations

Moulin du Calanquet : sculptures exhibition of Serge Amoros

The Moulin du Calanquet is pleased to exhibit 30 sculptures of Serge Amoros from May 16th to May 24th. Opening hours : 9-12am and 14-18h30pm.

Serge Amoros was born in Salon de Provence in 1955. Self-taught, the former tillesetter became sculptor, creating, at the beginning, mosaics. For several years, he mainly works on marble and stone and then tried modeling clay, silicon elastomeric and bronze casting for complete independence, which allows him to carry out the whole process from creation to exhibition.

His main sources of inspiration are women and animals. He works on commission and demonstrated his skills for restoration work for numerous monuments.


Main orders :


Prize for the worldwide championship of skydiving in Gap Taillard won by France in 2003.

Prize for Richard Millian (bullfighter) ordered by the city of Istres

Bronze locket for the honor prize of labour for the city of Berre Etang

Granite locket to manifest against social exclusion and misery for the city of Miramas.

Flavien Bridge for the city of Saint Chamas


Award :


In 2005, he is a recipient of the Honor Medal for Manual Work region Provence, from Rotary Club.


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Le Moulin du Calanquet obtained HVE certification

Le Moulin du Calanquet has obtained HVE certification which is an environmental certification for farms particularly committed to the implementation of environmentally friendly approaches.

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