Picnic with the Moulin du Calanquet products

This is summer, we can go on picnics. Below, are some tips that you might find useful.


Things that you should not forget :

 A map of the area

A plaid

Games for the kids

Books before taking a nap


Stuff to take back home :

Unprotected flowers

Pine cones for the fireplace mantle


Where to go ?

In the Alpilles, near by an olive trees field

Under Luberon cedars trees

Then, dramatically, at a turn in the road, you find yourself in a magic place, therefore you can think : " I found out on my own and it's worth it ! "


In the picnic basket :

Large slices of fried eggplant and tomato supreme

Faisselle, tomatoes, basil and black olives

Soft goat cheese, fried bell pepper and olive oil

Roasted pork with tapenade

Vegetables slices for dipping in green or black tapenade and eggplant caviar

Seasonal fruits


Life is beautiful with picnic, so enjoy ...

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