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Foie gras half-cooked and gingerbread-fig jam

Foie gras half-cooked and gingerbread-fig jam

Servings: 8 people

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking: 0 min


• 500g of foie gras,
• 1 jar gingerbread-fig jam : 350g.

Preparation: You can prepare yourself a foie gras mi-cuit or buy a foie gras jar.

Cold starter: once your purchased the foie gras, cut into slices and accompany gingerbread-fig jam and a few greens.

Toast: toast of country bread slices in the oven. Once hot, cut square pieces and put gingerbread-fig jam and a piece of foie gras on top.

The best: it is important to have a quality foie gras reducing less during cooking. Foie gras recipes are many, favor a liver recipe "nature", which will allow you to accompany with several condiments.

Our products: fig-gingerbread jam.


Le Moulin du Calanquet obtained HVE certification

Le Moulin du Calanquet has obtained HVE certification which is an environmental certification for farms particularly committed to the implementation of environmentally friendly approaches.

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