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Strawberry Madness

Strawberry Madness

Servings: 4 people

Preparation time: 6 minutes

Cooking: 0 min


• 3 Carpentras strawberries 250g trays or Garriguettes,
• 4 tbsp olive oil variety Grossane,
• 4 tsp caster sugar
• 4 fresh basil leaves,
• 4 fresh mint leaves.

Preparation: wash the strawberries without remove stems, put them on a paper towel sheet. Once washed, mix them with the sugar in a bowl and refrigerate.
Meanwhile, chop the mint leaves and basil, put them into a waiting bowl.
Put the strawberries in beautiful transparent ice bowls, drizzle with a little olive oil (variety Grossane : sweet and fruity) and sprinkle with mint chips and basil on top.

Tip: olive oil in general is a natural taste enhancer. Mixing with strawberries is very surprising and amazing for aromatic level. The taste of strawberry is sublimated. In addition, olive oil gives a beautiful shine to the fruit.

Our products: olive oil variety Grossane.


Le Moulin du Calanquet obtained HVE certification

Le Moulin du Calanquet has obtained HVE certification which is an environmental certification for farms particularly committed to the implementation of environmentally friendly approaches.

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