Moulin du Calanquet - Saint-Rémy de Provence
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Moulin du Calanquet : An air of Provence at the Golf Club of Lyon

For the 3rd consecutive time, the Moulin du Calanquet will be the leading player of the competition "Vent des Oliviers", located at the Golf Club of Lyon on June 6th, 2009.


It is an amateur scramble competition. This year, the Golf has more than 80 players enrolled. Mr Fréderic Barba, director of the Golf, opens his doors to Moulin du Calanquet for the pleasure of the players.

Golf hole number 9, Gilles Brun will present fruit cocktails, whereas Anne Brun will initiate a program around Olive Oil, as well as tapenades and jams tasting.




Récolte olives 2022

Ouverture le 19 octobre 2022 pour la nouvelle campagne d'apports d'olives au Moulin du Calanquet à Saint-Rémy de Provence.

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